June 1, 2019: Day 35 – Joshua 1

This book of the Bible takes its name from Moses’ apprentice and successor.  In Numbers 13:16 we see where his name is changed from Hoshea which means salvation, to Joshua which means The Lord is salvation.  Think about that switch and understand where the credit and the honor and the glory needs to go once he comes into power, which is beginning in chapter 1.  Let’s look at that chapter now.

The title of this chapter should be: “Be strong and courageous.”  I have to admit that when I hear these words I can’t help but think of the following Michael W. Smith song.


We have the continuation here of God speaking directly with His servants.  Here we find Joshua getting his first marching orders once he has taken the helm.  Overwhelmingly the message he gets from God is encouragement.  The land that I promised to the people they will get.  Look at vs.17 and it should strike terror into the heart of Joshua.   The people say to him: “Just as we obeyed Moses in all things, so we will obey you.”  

Wait, what did you say?  You mean as you built the golden calf?  You mean as you grumbled about the food and complained about being thirsty.  Do you mean as you plotted and gossiped about him and his foreign wives?  Joshua is probably thinking, yeah, well, thanks but no thanks.  And so we begin to see the people of Israel start to enter the promised land.  Here is a picture of the area where the Israelites crossed over.  

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