February 25, 2019: Day 86- Micah 3

It is interesting these metaphors that Micah uses.  He describes the judicial leaders as cannibals and the religious leaders as crowd pleasers who work on commission.  This last one is especially damning as you make your way through the chapter and you see vs.11-12.  There is a whole list of damning evidence that is rolled out.  Rulers are corrupt, priests are on the dole, prophets are on a pay to play scheme and yet they feel like they are doing the will of the Lord.  

This is quite a dire picture of what the nation has come to.  The end result is that Zion will be plowed down and Jerusalem will be a heap of ruins.  Can you imagine if that was the prophecy against one of our cities, against Strasburg, against any place within the US that does not follow the will of the Lord.  But we do not live in a theocracy so we don’t actually believe that these things will happen if we do not follow the way of the Lord.  There is a large part of me that is grateful that we do not believe these things, but there is another part that wishes that the presence of the Lord would be more visible and more able to draw a straight line between our actions and the consequences.  But thanks be to God we live by grace alone.

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