March 22, 2020: Day 50 – I Kings 14

We find before us in this chapter pretty much the complete destruction of Israel as the nation that we once knew it.  We find the passing of a generation with the death of both Rehoboam and of Jeroboam.  Their sons take over for them which brings us a couple of generations past Solomon.  So there were people still living who remembered the glory days, but now were living in this chaotic time.  

Look at vs. 25 and following where we see that the king of Egypt, whom we would call Pharaoh, invaded Jerusalem and the surrounding lands and took away all the treasures of the house of the Lord.  Is this when the ark of the covenant is taken?  Does this mean that it is now in Egypt?  Most scholars think it is taken by the Philistines.  But if you consider the Raiders of the Lost Ark a scholarly movie then you would have heard his name mentioned.  

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