February 24, 2019: Day 85 – Micah 2

Micah again depicts an image where there is complete disarray as the people of Israel are scattered and gathered into captivity.  If you look at vs.3 you see that the Lord devised the plan so that His people, His chosen people, will not walk haughtily.  The people of God will be taunted, they will be have their fields removed  and parceled out to others.

But notice that Micah also has a time when things will correct themselves and the Lord will take His place at the head.  From vs.12 to the end you have a wonderful image of things going right again, after a period of near abandonment from the Lord.  But we really know that the abandonment is really performed by the people of Israel who turned their back on the Lord.  I don’t know, I guess I just like this song. 

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