October 7, 2018: Day 57 – Proverbs 15

Let’s start with the end, the end of this chapter that is: “humility goes before honor.”  True humility is a sign of someone who has understood the perspective that we are the clay and God is the potter.   What happens to us is beyond our control, but once it happens, then we better be the best vessel there is in carrying out God’s work.  When we think that we can start dictating or controlling how the potter is going to shape or maneuver our future and our life, it is then that things start to go down the wrong path.

A couple things gave me pause here.  One line is interesting in vs.6: “But trouble befalls the income of the wicked.”  It doesn’t say that the wicked will not gain income, because they will and they do, but that it is fraught with trouble both while it is gained and after it is gained.  What a great verse.  

Not sure about the verses which states (vs.20): “A wise child makes a glad father, but the foolish despise their mothers.”  I’ll never forget when it was that I started to appreciate my parents.  It took my second year out of high school with my parents in a foreign country to recognize that most of what they taught me, or tried to teach me, was actually pretty wise.  It took some time for that to sink in for me.  You know the saying that absence makes the heart grow fond.  That was certain the case for me.  I did not despise my parents, but I’m not really sure I respected them as I should have.  That changed once I was in college.

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