October 4, 2018: Day 54 – Proverbs 12

That first verse is a bit harsh.  Whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge,  but those who hate to be rebuked are stupid.  Ouch, but true that, still ouch.  If you do not mind,  and in fact are encouraged, after you are told how to do things correctly, then you actually want to learn and understand how to do things better.  If you are someone who is mortified by a correction and would never speak to that person again who corrected you, well, according to Proverbs, you are stupid.  That is a bit harsh, but it is also a bit true. We find the ying and yang again in this chapter but this time it is between wisdom and folly.  Earlier in the chapter we read about the distinctions between righteousness and wickedness, but then the contest does point to the adversaries being wisdom and folly.  Fools show their anger at once, but the prudent (read wise) ignore an insult.  This is just great stuff.  If you look at vss. 15-20 you find the section that I prefer most in this chapter.
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