September 1, 2020: Day 10 – Jeremiah 10

As we continue along with the author predicting the doom that will come, we do find an interest appeal in vs.23ff.  We find the author asking to be corrected.  That doesn’t normally happen, that we ask God to correct us.  But notice that the request is that we be corrected, “In just measure.”  Basically asking as we see in the New Testament the request that we be tested but not “beyond our strength.” I Corinthians 10:13.  This request in Jeremiah is a request that we be corrected but only in just measure.  Basically the request is: Be nice God, please.

But the author continues and asks, also, just in case you were thinking about it, please don’t correct me when you are angry.  Walk away, count to ten, and then come back if you don’t mind.  When I am counseling young couples as they get married and we get to the place where we discuss children and the discipline of children, because if couples re not unified on this then it can cause problems, I always remind them that they should never ever punish a child when they are angry.  It always leads to bad things.  The same request is made of God.  Please don’t punish us when you are angry.  It can lead to bad things.

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