October 13, 2019: Day 29 – I Samuel 29

David is well  ensconced with the Philistines and has shown his loyalty to them with all the battles on their behalf which we went over in earlier chapters.  But now a problem arises.  King Achish under whom David is serving and for whom he is now the chief bodyguard, is not, apparently, as highly placed as we thought.  As the Philistines are getting ready to battle Israel, David is marching in with Achish and the others of David's troops.  There are thousands of troops getting ready to go up against Saul when the Philistines who were actually in charge object to David being among them.  They probably remember getting whopped by him a few years before that. They demand that David not be allowed to go into battle with them because who knows, he just might turn sides in the middle of the battle.  I'm with them, especially when we saw that twice David had a hard time hurting the one whom God had anointed to rule over Israel.  Remember both those vents with Saul where David did not hurt him, but let him know that he could have taken him  down.  But Achish had  to tell David and David didn't really understand why and he ends up obeying and doing what he was told to do.  So ends the story.  But, this events sparks a turn in David especially once we see what happens at the beginning of the next chapter.  I know, you can't wait can you?
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