October 12, 2018: Day 62 – Proverbs 20

Not super crazy about that last verse here, let's not read into it, although that was certainly the mentality that beatings cleansed the innards and righted the ship.  We have come  a long way, fortunately, from that verse.   My focus on this chapter, though, is recognizing the role that alcohol plays in some people's lives.  He begins this chapter not as a teetotaler, but rather as someone who preaches prudence.  It is something that can easily lead astray.  Interestingly enough he follows that up with a statement on anger, and I can easily see how these two can be related.   A couple verses caught my interest.  Look at vs.17 where it states that bread gained by deceit is sweet, but then it turns to gravel.  The other verse which struck me was vs.20 where we are told to stay away from the gossiper, not because they will tell us gossip, but because they more time we spend with them then the more they will find out about us and tell others about our lives.  Just stay away from them and they won't be able to speak poorly about you.
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