November 13, 2020: Day 83 – Ezekiel 31

This chapter requires Egypt to be a bit self-reflective.  Again, like Tyre, Egypt has the sin of thinking of itself more important and less vulnerable than it really is.  Ezekiel challenges the king of Egypt to think if the power of Egypt can in any way compare to the cedar of Lebanon which was famous throughout all the land.  This cedar of Lebanon is an archetype for Assyria which was brought low by Babylon as well.  Assyria was a power that was considered invincible, until it wasn't.  Egypt's might couldn't compare to that of Assyria, which also fell to Babylon.

Not only was Assyria cut down like its cedars, but it also went below the ground down to Sheol which was considered hell.  The lesson here for Egypt is that anytime we think that we are invincible or not able to be touched by any nation because of the might that we have built up all by ourselves, then the Lord will send someone to cut down our trees.  Then the Lord will come and send someone to humble us to a point where we descend to the lowest stature we could imagine.  The greatness by which we measure ourselves is only as great as God allows us to think we are.  It can all be gone in an instant.  It is an important message for any country looking to make itself great at the expense of other countries and at the expense of building up false pride.

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