June 1, 2018: Day 48 – Leviticus 8

This is quite an elaborate ritual in order to christen (probably the wrong word here) both the tabernacle and ordain those who would be serving the people while in the tabernacle.  Aaron and his sons were appointed by Moses to perform the priestly duties.  It is fascinating to me to see the ordination ceremony that takes place starting at vs. 22.  Aaron, who would have been considered the high priest, has the blood of the ram placed upon the lobe of his right ear, the thumb of his right hand, and the toe of his right foot.  Keep in mind that this all has incredible significance.

All of them are the right side because it was the dominant side and so the side which was chosen as the one that would be selected by the Lord.  The right ear would be that which would be able to hear the voice of the Lord while he would be serving.  So this consecration by blood allowed Aaron to be ordained to hear the voice of God.  The right hand would be the hand which would be the most involved in making sacrifices and taking action on behalf of the Lord.  So the consecration of the right hand would prepare Aaron to serve on behalf of the Lord.  So far Aaron has been consecrated to hear the voice of the Lord and to act on behalf of the Lord.  The right toe would allow Aaron to walk in the direction that the Lord would point him.  It would be the first to take a step in the direction that the Lord would want him to take.  So Aaron is consecrated to go in the direction that the Lord would want him to go.

All of this is indicative of what Aaron would be equipped to do which would in turn allow him to share that with the people of Israel as they seek him out for guidance and direction.  Notice that all of Aaron’s sons also were ordained in this same way.  Pretty intricate and pretty interesting.

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