July 4, 2019: Day 68 – Judges 10

We find ourselves in the season of two respected Judges: Tola and Jair.  Jair is the more interesting of the two as we hear about his flock, or is it pack, of donkeys that he had, one for every son.  But then once again the Israelites did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.  There is some detail in their betrayal this time.  They did what they always do, they worshiped idols and gods, but they also asked the Lord to forgive them.   Follow along the dialogue as we read it, in my own words, in chapter 10 starting at vs.10.  I have done so much for you over the years, I have delivered you from a whole array of enemy countries, but you always seem to forget and you abandon me and worship  other gods.  Why don't you go and cry to those  gods, they might help you.  Answer: We are so sorry, we will never do it again.  Go ahead and punish us and do whatever you want to do to us...except just deliver us this one time and we promise  we will never do it again. Do you see why we call God Father?  Doesn't that sound just like a parent and a child, and we know that the child is going to be a repeat offender?  We leave this chapter with the Israelites asking the question: who is going to lead us into battle.  You expect the next judge to come out of the answer to that question.
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