August 28, 2017: Day 9 – I Timothy 1

The background to I Timothy is fascinating.  Paul left the church in Ephesus in the hands of one of his trusted workers, Timothy, thinking that he would be back and be able to teach them and provide them guidance for the future.  When it becomes apparent that Paul probably won’t be making it back to Ephesus he writes this letter to Timothy in order to instruct him on what to do in leading the church in Ephesus.  You will find him giving instructions to Timothy throughout this letter.  Let’s look at the text.

He begins by warning Timothy about false teachings.  He wants to be sure that Timothy is teaching the congregation what Paul had taught him.  I need to skip to verse 17.  As I do, I want you to hear this hymn and see if you can figure out where it came from.  

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