April 30, 2020: Day 89 – Song of Solomon 6

There is a certain playfulness here that elicits  the playfulness that is found in the flirting of a man and woman who are together.  The question which begins this chapter, where is my love, is one that is answered so that they are able to be together.  The man once again extols the beauty of his wife and gives a parallel between her beauty and the splendor of the armies as they go into battle.  Not sure that would be evocative for the woman, but at least he tried.

It is interesting that in many of these Scriptures we come across verses which are simply untranslatable.  Look at vs.12 and we simply do not have the manuscript evidence or body to be able to translate what it says.  What we find in our Bibles is a total guess as to what it would mean simply because we do not have the fragments necessary to translate it appropriately.  Does that bother you?  I hope not because remember we are able to be guided and given direction by the Holy Spirit.  If your faith impinges upon every word being correct within Scripture then you are going to have problems in other places that may seem more  important than in Song of Solomon.

Enjoy these lovely Scriptures which set the stage for the love story of a man and a woman.

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