April 26, 2020: Day 85 – Song of Solomon 2

This is a total blast from the past.  A group that I used to absolutely love, yes, they are a Christian group.  I saw them a number of times, once even at Creation where I got to meet the lead singer, Mylon Lefevre.  The beginning of this Scripture contains the words: Rose of Sharon and it is in this song as well.  Okay, that is the only point of contact, let's look at this chapter.

As you read through this I want you to look at vs.7 where you see the counsel from the woman (it could apply to the man as well) to "not stir up or awaken love until it is ready."  I guess there is a truth that says you can't really control when you stir or awaken love.  When it awakes, it awakes.  What we are able to control is what we do when it is stirred up.  Paul gives us some insight when he speaks about marriage.  Look at I Corinthians 7:9 where we read: "For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion."  Now, Paul does not in any way exclude love as a reason for marriage, but he does address passion as a reason to marry so that it does not overtake our decision making.  

What a great message to all of us to remember that outside of the covenant of marriage our passions are still stirring, and so if we are not married we should consider that before we take any actions which would conflict with the life that God would want us  to live.  We live in an age where sexuality is relative and the degree to which we live out our sexuality seems to be unhinged and without limit.  God says something different here.  God tells us that within the covenant of marriage there is no barrier to how we can express our love to each other.  Outside of that covenant, we need to be careful with our passions.  It is a good lesson for today.

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