April 14, 2017: Day 104 – Psalm 104

This is actually from where the words to this song come.  I think in the past I copied one from where we had whales and stars singing together in this song.

I’ll never forget my first few years of ministry.  We went with the entire church community up a  mountain for the annual gathering of  the chestnuts.  We were on a precipe looking out over the mountains and I read the following: 


That’s right, you found the right link.  It is Psalm 104 in Italian.  I couldn’t make it through the Psalm.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful, beautiful day, the people were so excited to be there, the feeling was spectacular.  As I made it through the psalm where it talks about the greatness of God as exemplified in His creation, it was almost too much emotionally.  God is so good and His goodness is revealed so powerfully in His creation.  

You should also notice that this is a great Psalm for Pentecost Sunday.  The presence of the Spirit of the Lord is powerfully portrayed.  Look at vss. 29-30 and you find the Spirit of the Lord, or his breath, same word, that creates all the creatures and all that moves and has life.  Bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me!


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