November 23, 2020: Day 93 – Ezekiel 41

If you think about the motif of the newly constructed and visualized temple you can't help but think of the garden of Eden, the first home where God and mortals lived together and even walked together sharing some special quality time together.  If you look starting at vs.18 you see the palm trees and cherubim are present just like in I Kings 6:29-30.  

There isn't much more to say about the vision given to Ezekiel about the new temple except to say that it was a significant, probably the most significant detail that the exiles returning to their home land were going to be involved in, the rebuilding of the temple.  

I'm wondering what needs to be rebuilt in our society after our time of exile, of pandemic, is over.  What needs to be restored that has been torn down during this time: civility, dialogue, kindness, grace, trust, you fill in the blank.  It is during this time of rebuilding, once the pandemic is over and the end is in sight,  that we need to be able to work shoulder to shoulder with those that maybe during this time we regarded as our adversary.  Adversary no more, we have a common cause, the rebuilding of our nation and the rebuilding of our sense of decency which is crucial.  Okay, this is less about God and more about what we have left out of our interactions with people during this time.  We can only restore what has been torn down if we turn to God for strength and hope.

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