June 15, 2018: Day 62 – Leviticus 22

This chapter moves from the previous purity of the priests to the purity of that which is offered to the Lord.  Not only is what is offered to the Lord supposed to be pure, but those who eat of what is offered to the Lord has be of that class of people who are pure.  So what is this all about?  Interestingly enough this was in place in order to ensure that the priests were able to survive.  They were not able to grow crops or do other tasks as occupations since their primary and singular task was that of priest of the Lord.  A portion of the food that was donated to the Lord went to the priests, and as this chapter explains, to their families as well.  

We find in the New Testament mixed examples of this.  We see Peter who was a fisherman, but then we have to assume that he ceased this practice when he moved to Jerusalem to rule the church with the other apostles.  We also see Paul who consistently throughout Scripture is described as a tentmaker and his ministry overlapped with his occupation.  We find the same true today.  There are some churches where the Peter model is followed, the pastor is full time and this is his/her occupation.  There are other churches where the pastor is bi-vocational and is not paid as a full time pastor.  We find those combinations even in our town of Strasburg.  The model which Scripture gives allows for both.  But it is encouraging to see how the Lord does provide for those who work for Him.  

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