September 7, 2020: Day 16 – Jeremiah 16

As we continue along with Jeremiah I continue to think of the resonance of what Jeremiah is saying and the reality in which we find ourselves.  Jeremiah has the law laid down before him to the extent where God says it is best if you do not marry,  that you do not have children, that you do not propagate the following of idols and others gods which was currently happening in the land.  Again, there is the expectation that the people are going to ask why?  What did we do wrong?

The response is very interesting and also very common in the Old Testament.  The reason why you are going through what you are going through is not because of something that you have done, but rather it is “because your ancestors have forsaken me.”  But, just in case you think it is only because of your ancestors, you can see in vs.12: “Because you have behaved worse than your ancestors, for here you are, every one of you, following your stubborn evil will, refusing to listen to me.”  So no, it isn’t just because your ancestors have done wrong, but because you have also done wrong.

The pollution of the land of the Lord as a result of idol worship was such that it needed to have a deep clean.  Those who were disobedient had to be fished out, had to be hunted down, and the land had to be cleared of those who were not obedient to the Lord.  We find ourselves in a time where people are not really sure what the right thing and the wrong thing to do is simply because people have various opinions.  What we have done is lost sight of what are the parameters for right and wrong?  It isn’t what our political leaders say, and even now it isn’t even what our religious leaders say.  It is simply what our Scripture says.  Love God and love your neighbor.

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