March 2, 2022: Day 47 – Deuteronomy 26-28 and Mark 12-14

Hang in there folks, we are almost through Deuteronomy.  We find ourselves in chapter 26 where we have the first fruits of the land offered to the Lord in sacrifice.  The giving to God was a part of the natural habits of the people of Israel and so as time passed and evolved into the church, the idea of tithing to God became something that came naturally.  

In chapter 27 we find the tribes divided into those who would give blessings as they enter the promised land and those who would give curses.  We begin with the curses and it is from here where we get the phrase that we use sometimes: Then let all the people say: Amen!  I didn’t realize it was from here, but it must be, because it is repeated a number of times.  Chapter 28 contains both blessings and curses for the people of God with the requirement of obedience in order to enjoy the blessings.  

When we transition to Mark we find ourselves right before Jesus is heading into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to spend the last week of his life.  We hear the parable of the tenants who kill all those whom the owner sends, including the son whom he sends last.  That is obviously a reference to the prophets and then to Jesus.  A lot of popular stories are included in this chapter: “Pay unto Caesar”, Marriage at he resurrection, Greatest Commandment, widow’s offering.

Jesus does get into the signs of the coming of the end of the age, signs that for generations now people have tried to discern and guess.  Remember the point of all this is seen in Mark 13:32-36 where we do not know the time or the hour, but you better watch and be ready because Jesus can come at any time.  Chapter 14 has Jesus with his head washed and Judas betraying him as a result of that with a kiss in the garden.  We finish the chapter with Peter betraying Jesus and all of the disciples scattering.  Don’t ever forget that all of the disciples betrayed Jesus, not just Judas.

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