October 30, 2019: Day 46 – II Samuel 15

I’m a little surprised by David’s reaction to the conspiracy of Absalom.  So, once again we see that Absalom really is a trouble maker.  After 4 years he asks that he would be able to go to Hebron to worship God there.  David gives him permission.  Now, Absalom had set the stage by standing in front of the gates and greeting everyone who entered with an embrace  and a statement that he really should be made the one who judges over the affair of people.  The Scripture states that the people really liked that and really liked him.

As he made his way to Hebron he got the military behind him and David’s primary counselor on his side.  He was to sound the trumpet which was supposed to proclaim that Absalom was being crowned king.  When David hears it he flees Jerusalem afraid that the masses  would turn on him and support Absalom.  Those with David carried the ark of the covenant out of Jerusalem to go with David, but David told them to take it back to Jerusalem. 

We see a bit of a loyalty to the position which was instilled by God in David’s actions.  Remember with Saul  he refused to harm him because he was the king’s anointed.  I think in this instance he may have wondered if God had removed him from power and so didn’t want to go against God’s will.  Let’s see where this takes us.  I am not going to take any rash actions, but I am going to wait and see if God’s plans are revealed to me more fully.  Maybe I’m not supposed to be king anymore.  I don’t want to get in the way of God’s plans.

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