September 23, 2019: Day 9 – I Samuel 9

Today we get introduced to the first king of Israel.  It is interesting how he is described.  Look at vs.2 where he is described as a handsome man.  Then look at I Samuel 16:7, just 7 chapters later where it seems as if God is commanding Samuel to not pay attention to the way he looks.  What a complete reversal this is.  

The story goes that the first king of Israel was out searching for the lost donkeys of his father.  Does this sound at all  like Genesis 37:14 where Joseph goes searching for his brothers and their flocks?  I think there is some similarity, because what happens next changes the course of Israel and the course of the world.  Joseph is captured and sent into Egypt thus saving the nation of Israel from extinction.  Saul searches for the donkeys and is met by Samuel who was told the day before that a man from the Benjaminite tribe was going to meet him, and he would be the next king.  This also changes the course of Israel and eventually the world.

Also, just like the story of Joseph, a meal is presented and Saul is surprised by the attention that he gets, just like the brothers are surprised by the attention that they get from Joseph.  At the end of the meal Samuel says that he wants to see Saul alone.  That is where we leave this chapter.  But next chapter we are going to have the first crowning/anointing of a king.  Can’t wait!

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