January 29, 2019: Day 59 – Isaiah 55

This chapter should bring praise upon your lips and make you feel like God loves you in so many indescribable ways.  We have a promise in vs.10 and following that the word of the Lord shall never come back empty.  That which God proclaims will happen and does happen.  The promises  that we have from God will always be fulfilled, whether we believe it or not, they simply will be fulfilled.  These verses remind us that we are the messengers of the Word of God.  So while the Word will not come back empty, God uses us to make sure that His purposes are accomplished.   God doesn’t perform a miracle for every single situation in life which we face.  God’s purposes are accomplished, but often they are accomplished in very mundane ways.

If you look at vs.8 you will see other verses that are very familiar.  We hear the prophet Isaiah say to God: Your ways are not my ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts.  That is surely the case.  God’s thoughts are higher than ours, higher than the heavens are above the earth, as an example.  

To close things out we see in vs.12 that we will go out in joy and come back in peace.  The very creation will burst forth in song and praise.  The trees of the field will clap their hands.  Oh man, for some reason the scene below comes to my mind.  

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