September 1, 2018: Day 21 – Job 21

This response scandalizes the friends, and maybe even the hearers, of Job.  He sets up what he is about to say with a warning to his friends that what comes next may be a scandal and could cause them to cover their mouths in surprise, shock, and dismay.  What he is about to say next is going to probably insult them, even though it is not directed at them.  But let him speak, and then when he is finished, they can continue to mock him as they have so far.

His beef is primarily with God because he states the obvious, the wicked are not punished on earth.  In fact, he states, it seems as if the wicked prosper here on earth and reap the benefits of being wicked.  This thought, he would call it a truth and I think there is more truth to it than fiction, causes him to shudder.  The shuddering is a result of realizing that God does not intervene to ensure that the wicked die, well, a wicked death.  The good don’t live a good life.  The wicked don’t live a wicked life.  The rain falls on the good and the bad.  The rhetorical questions that he asks in vs.17-18 are meant to be answered with one word: never.

I want you all to hear a testimony that you may have missed if you were not in the second service on August 26.  This song, and this testimony, does remind us that God’s eye is on all of us, no matter how distant we may think he is.


One thought on “September 1, 2018: Day 21 – Job 21

  1. Kathleen Barge

    What a wonderful and inspirational man he is. I truely believed we heard the story of a miracle that God has brought as witness to our church. Add to that a beautiful voice and a wonderful song and it brought tears to my eyes.


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