February 7, 2019: Day 68 – Isaiah 64

You can’t read this chapter without thinking about Lent, especially when we look at vs.6 and following.  This verse is used to underscore that we are all unclean, read sinners, and that our deeds are like a filthy cloth.  What happens when you try to clean something up with a filthy cloth?  It just spreads and becomes worse.  What happens when we live our lives trying to do good deeds in order to become justified before the Lord?  Believe it or not but our deeds do nothing to improve our relationship with the Lord.  They are like filthy rags that when we do something in order to gain points before God, then we actually do them in a way that just makes things worse.  

As you follow along you then get to vs.8 and 9 which are other Lenten verses.   We are reminded  that we are the clay and He is the potter.  We are all the work of the hand of God.  We then move  to 9 where we are beseeching the Lord to not consider our iniquity because, in case you forgot, we are your people.  We are all your people.  What a great thing to remember as we begin to make our journey to Lent in this ordinary time, we are the people of God.

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