April 22, 2017: Day 112 – Psalm 112

This is a really different psalm from those we have seen before.  We have the somewhat traditional, and I would even say somewhat mistaken, claim that those who trust in the Lord can rely upon earthly blessings and riches.  There simply is no quid pro quo when it comes to faith.  But we do see a change in what we normally see in these types of psalms.  There is a very pragmatic approach to faith. 

Start at vs. 5 and you see where the psalmist says: “It is well for those who deal generously and lend, and conduct their affairs with justice.”  First of all Scripture says that the people of Israel should not lend with interest.  They can lend, but not with interest.  Any type of interest is called usury.  Now, if there is a foreigner in the land, then they can charge interest to that person.  

But then again in vs.9 we find that same extolling of the one who has distributed freely and given to the poor.  It is a psalm that seems filled with two different messages, and yet if we could pick and choose I would go from vs.5 on.  

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