August 28, 2016: Day 91 – Colossians 2

Were you able to follow what Paul was talking about in this second chapter.  It can be a bit confusing to us, but remember the Colossians knew exactly what he was talking about.  Now that we are more than 2000 years removed from his writing, it makes sense that we don’t understand the innuendos.  For example, we had a great church picnic this afternoon, more than 150 people were there.  There was a mean cornhole tournament and the winners, Billy and Kristi Harrison, annihilated the competition.  If I wrote this and it was dug up 2000 years  from now, they would have no idea what I was saying and they just might think that we were quite a violent church, what with all that talk about annihilation.  So let’s try to understand what he is saying.

His main emphasis is making sure that the church is not swayed by theologies and philosophies that were sweeping the culture.  The church was getting caught up with modern fads in thought that were taking them away from seeing Christ as the center of their purpose.  That is so important for a church not to be taken away from its primary purpose which is to preach Christ and Christ crucified.  I think I’m going to leave it at that.  Paul does.  Look at vs.14.

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