March 12, 2017: Day 71 – Psalm 71

I’m not sure we have seen a Psalm which is as celebratory as this one when it comes to giving thanks to God in the most unchained way possible.  We will see something similar in Psalm 150 which for me is the uber praise psalm, but this psalm encourages us to praise God with the harp, the lyre, with our voices.  There is also shouting for joy which is to take place.  I know all of the preceding verses in this psalm deal with a request for protection because of all the evil ones who continue to surround and harass this “poor” author.  Okay, it is at this point that maybe we have heard enough laments so it is so incredibly refreshing that we hear him go absolutely ballistic, in a good way, about the love of the Lord.  

So, many of you know that for me March is the happiest time of the year.  I know that we are in Lent, but maybe, just maybe, that is some contributing factor to why I dive so deeply into March Madness.  Please find attached a bracket.  If you want to be a part of our yearly March Madness here at First Presbyterian fill it out and either put it in my box at church or email me a scanned copy.  It is not for the thin skinned, I tend to be somewhat competitive and I will give “feedback” throughout the tourney to all those who have participated.  I hope you will.

ncaam_bracket 2017

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