July 17, 2016: Day 49 – I Corinthians 5

So the current controversial topic du jour has to do with sexual sin.  But unfortunately it seems like all of our attention is focused on the sin of homosexuality.  But Jesus never speaks about the topic of homosexuality.  In this Scripture there is no mention of homosexuality.  Jesus addresses  adultery and lust.  Paul in this Scripture addresses heterosexual sin as well.  A vast majority of our conversations in culture deal with a topic that is rarely mentioned, as opposed to a topic that both our Savior and many other New Testament authors address.  Why is that?  Why are we so fixated on driving out the witches while we allow the warlocks among us without so much as a cough.  The answer is because it is low hanging fruit.  It is easy to talk about a sin that maybe many of us would never think about or consider, while one that is actually a potential threat is easier to overlook and ignore.

Discipline within our churches is not in any way reflective of what is recommended in the New Testament.  Paul tells us to drive the wicked person out from among you.  In my 22 years of ministry I have never asked a person to leave the church for good because of their illicit or immoral lifestyle.  I have approached members of church who are not living as they should and talked to them about it, unsolicited, but I have never asked them to leave.  Why do we shy away from what Scripture tells us in these matters?  It is because our experience tells us that if we were to clear house all those who sinned and fell short of the glory of God…well, then we would be very lonely in a very empty church.  In fact, we, me included, would need to have a talking to.  

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