February 28, 2019: Day 89 – Micah 6

This has to be in my top three of favorite Scriptures in the entire Bible.  Look at vs.8, that is my favorite Scripture in this chapter.  Let me just write it again and then you can soak it in and see how it applies to you, how it applies to what you expect of people, and how it applies to what people expect and think of you.   HE HAS TOLD YOU, O MORTAL, WHAT IS GOOD; AND WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU BUT TO DO JUSTICE, AND TO LOVE KINDNESS, AND TO WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD? Do you notice with what punctuation this verses ends?  I know, the Hebrew doesn't have the punctuation so it is something that we have added, but why do we have a question mark and not an exclamation point?  The idea is that the author is saying: hasn't God already told us what we are supposed to do?  It is very similar to Jesus' statement to his disciples that has been twisted and taken out of context: "You will have the poor with you always."  This last statement assumes that you know that we will have the poor with us always so the assumption is that you will always make them a priority not just when it is to your benefit because people are watching you or you can put it on your resume to pad it and make you look good.  You should always be reaching out to the poor. In the same way we should always know what God requires of us, always.  We are called to do justice.  We are called to love kindness.  We are called to walk humbly with God.  Not just walk humbly and think that is good enough.  We are to walk humbly with God.  That is good enough.
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