February 25, 2016: Day 53 – Luke 9

The cost of discipleship is intended to be steep.  Lord, I will follow you at all times and wherever you go.  Are you willing to live a life where you are stationed from one place to the next?  Granted, military and missionary kids understand that language and know what it is like to be moved from one place to another just after a handful of years.  If our love for our family is so overwhelming that we are not able to see the importance of service to the King and Lord Jesus Christ then maybe burying our dead would be more important than following him.  In the last verses of this chapter Jesus seems to cover both here.  

As we work our way backward we then see in this chapter that Jesus does not shy away from welcoming anyone who just might be associated with him and is doing good.  Whoever is not against us is for us.  I’m not sure we always say that.  We often establish specific criteria for who can be a part of us and who can claim that they are one of us.  Jesus has a really low threshold for anyone who just might want to walk alongside with us.  


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