Day 157 – March 25, 2024: Psalms 64 and 88 and 105 and 130

I have never been into memorizing Scripture, but if I were…probably Psalm 130 would be one that I could and would want to memorize. We read the hope that we have in Jesus in this Psalm, that in him there is steadfast love and the power to redeem. There is only this dynamic in the God whom we love and whom we serve. Psalm 105 is a stunning reminder of all that God has done for the people of Israel. From the bondage of Joseph to his liberation and eventual claim over the land which allows his people to join him in abundance in the land of “Ham”. That would be Egypt. The Psalms provide a multiplicity of promises, not the least of which is the incessant reminder that God is in control. It is in the Psalms where we are infused with the doctrine of the Providence of God, that all things remain under his guiding and loving hand. Thanks be to God!

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