August 29, 2022: Day 185 – Daniel 11-12 and Psalms 76-78

We come to an end with the book of Daniel and it remains its apocryphal writing with the archangel Michael making an appearance.  There is found descriptions of many different nations from the north, south, east and west who try to have influence over other nations, succeed for a season, and then fall into desolation.  It seems to be an unpredictable cycle which can be predicted in that every single nation will find its demise over time.  That’s a good reminder to us as well.  

The Psalms take us to remember the time that Israel served in captivity in Egypt and then was led out by God as an attempt to remember the faithfulness and the consistent deliverance of the Lord over history.  We serve a God who will deliver, that seems to be the theme and the reminder to each of us.  

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