November 19, 2020: Day 89 – Ezekiel 37

This has to be one of my favorite chapters in Ezekiel.  I not only use it when I speak about the Day of Pentecost, which you can find in Acts 2, but also when I speak about how God created us in Genesis 2 where he first made us and then breathed life into us.  The association for Pentecost is the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit which gives life to the bones in the valley that represent the fallen and the deserted hopes of the people of God while they are in captivity.  The life that God breathes into them, like we find in Genesis, is a reflection of the promise that God will bring back all the people of Israel, even while they now live in desperation, to their original land and give them hope and promise.

It is a powerful chapter that reflects God’s incessant desire to be reconciled with his people and his desire to act in a way that would reflect his everlasting love for his people.  The role of Ezekiel in presenting to the people of God the desires of God is pretty powerful.  Who today is able to present to the people of God, to us, what God’s desires and wishes are?  Keep in mind that the presentation of God’s desires always ran contrary to what the people and the religious and political leaders of this day are proposing.  The dry bones were a sign of resignation.  God never ever is gonna let us down.  Here is a song that reflects this.

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