Coming soon 100 Day Challenge

Dear FPC family and friends,

            We are getting closer and closer to finishing our series on the challenge of reading through the entire Scripture.  These two books of the Bible that we are addressing now contain statements from prophets who are speaking to the people of Israel in the midst of a time when the nation of Israel is in a mess.  Jeremiah and Ezekiel are both prophets who speak about the desires of God to the people of God in a time when the people of God are going through really, really difficult times.  It should be fairly appropriate as we find ourselves as the people of God in really, really difficult times as well.  I would hate to compare the pandemic that we are suffering to captivity and slavery in a foreign land, but we make as many linear connections as we are able.

            These books of the Bible combine to make up 100 days, which is why we are entitling this study the 100 day challenge.  I hope that as you face these next 100 days you are able to hear the words of God come to us through these prophets who were constantly trying to redirect the people to a closer walk with the Lord and to follow God’s commandments.  I leave you with an image of Jeremiah depicted by Michelangelo found in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Bob