June 13, 2019: Day 47 – Joshua 13

We enter into territory which can be called monotonous if this is all that you are reading.  There is repetition.  For example, did you know that the tribe of Levi Moses gave no inheritance?  You see that mentioned in vs.33 and  in vs.14, with 14 telling us why that is.  They are the priestly class, they are the ones who are responsible for overseeing the temple and all that takes place in it so their area, or their residence will always be around the temple, or where the presence of the Lord is seen.  Their gift from God are the offerings which the people provide to the Lord which should be plenty to live on.  I love the way this chapter ends in respect to the Levites…, “The Lord God of Israel is their inheritance, as he said to them.”  God is our inheritance, we know that one day we will be inherit, we will be left as a legacy, God Himself.  I think I’m going to sing.  

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