January 13, 2019: Day 43 – Isaiah 39

The only thing I can say is that I really don’t like Hezekiah all that much.  What we read in this chapter is that the prophecy for Hezekiah is that his children will be carried away to Babylon along with the entire population and his sons will be castrated and forced into prostitution and slavery.  Hezekiah does the math and realizes that while this may very well happen, it will not happen until after he is long dead.  His reaction?  At least there will be peace and security in my reign, too bad for my kids.  Yeah, not a great example of a father figure.

The problem is that Hezekiah received some visitors who came to wish him well after his miraculous recover and he basically gave them the 50 cent tour of his kingdom.  As a result they saw value in it.  These visitors were from Babylon and they liked what they saw.  I guess I can also say that not only do I dislike him, but he really isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.  The Scripture says that he specifically showed them all of his treasures, which were massive, and all of his defenses, which apparently were lacking.  

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