January 21, 2018: Day 27 – Genesis 27

We find ourselves at the climax of the story where Isaac is deceived into blessing his youngest son, Jacob.  Remember, it is his wife, and the mother of both of these children, who really takes the lead on deceiving her husband so that the youngest son will get the blessing.  One aspect of it which caught my attention this time is that when Jacob balks and says: I don’t really want to do this because if I am found out I may receive a curse instead of a blessing, mom jumps right in and says: don’t worry, the curse will be on me if that happens.

It doesn’t happen, everything goes as they planned it, Isaac blesses Jacob, Esau is distraught and as a result plans on killing his younger brother.  Okay, that last part was not a part of the plan.  It is important that we see that this is the stage where they leave each other.  Esau is enraged and wants to kill Jacob.  Jacob is told to leave the compound and runs away to his Uncle Laban’s house to get away from Esau who wants to kill him.  Once we transition to focusing on Jacob, this part of the story will be important because we see another side of Esau come out.  He hasn’t left just yet, and we see an interesting twist to the story in the next chapter before he leaves.  The mother-in-law complains again to her husband about the daughters-in-law.  I wonder if husband Isaac knows the role that wife played in the deception.

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