May 24, 2017: Day 144 – Psalm 144

It is hard to believe that we are less than a week away from being finished with this challenge.  This Psalm really turns the corner and presents a very different perspective than the one of David in a cave.  It is prayer, a psalm of blessing upon the people of the Lord.  The ability to put ourselves within the context of recognizing that we are but the breath of the Lord, fleeting and momentary, allows us to appreciate the current blessings that we enjoy.

I guess you can separate this psalm into two.  The first part would be vss.1-8 which is a typical prayer of deliverance.  But then starting in vs.9ff it is almost as if the author has won the lottery.  Everything changes.  There is a celebration as the author cries out for a new song.  He is jamming on a 10 stringed harp.  We know that David enjoyed playing the harp and one with 10 strings was probably the Fender of its day.  

Starting at vs.12 he lays out the blessings that he wishes upon…himself.  He asks for sons and daughters who will be blessed, barns filled, sheep increased, safety beyond measure, happiness for eternity.  That’s not a bad list, except for the sheep part.

One thought on “May 24, 2017: Day 144 – Psalm 144

  1. Kathy Eisenhauer

    This psalm reminds me of ourselves when we truly recognize the blessings God has given us. We praise the Lord and what he has done for us, we ask for continued blessings and protection from our enemies and we are appreciative of what we have been blessed with. I pray that we will take this a step further and use our blessings by passing them on to others.


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