July 28, 2016: Day 60 – I Corinthians 16

Maranatha!  That is what Paul states in vs.22.  It means literally: “Our Lord come.”  That is our expectation and it shades and impacts all that we do and all that we believe.  Jesus is coming back again.  In this last chapter of his first letter to the Corinthian church Paul writes a farewell address which covers a number of topics and gives a shout out to a number of people.  He talks about the offerings for the saints, those who are working in the field, as “whatever extra you earn” to be given freely.  I have always preached on 10% which I am sure is much less than “whatever extra you earn.”  That 10% is also much less than what Jesus tells his disciples which in Matthew 19:21, if you don’t know that verse then look it up and you will see that in fact, it is much more than 10%.  

I can’t believe that yesterday I didn’t speak about I Corinthians 15:54-57, I encourage you to read that part again.  It is a Scripture that is used in just about every single funeral, or service to the witness of the resurrection, that I do.  There really isn’t much more in this chapter, just greetings of a pastor who loves his church and wishes them all well and gives them some advice on how to proceed.  Paul’s pastoral love of the Corinthian church is evident, even if the church at times makes him tear his hair out.

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