March 8, 2017: Day 67 – Psalm 67

So before you think too much about this Psalm I want you to read Numbers 6:22-27.  Do you see what is happening in this Psalm?  It is a time in the life of the psalmist that frankly things are going well.  This priestly blessing of Numbers 6:22-27, which I believe we commented on earlier and Elliott Smith said his mom gave that blessing after each of her services, is a blessing which was given by Aaron to all of the Israelites so that they would know that they were chosen and picked out individually by God.  It is a way in which God put His name upon the Israelites, it is the way that God has put His blessing on us as well.

When we turn to Psalm 67 we find these same words within the context of: If God blesses us then we will be able to be a blessing to all of the nations as well.  We see this same concept in Isaiah 49:6 where the prophet tells the people of Israel that they are to be a light to the nations (gentiles) so that they, even they, would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord.  

In the Old Testament another word for nations would be “goyim” which can also be translated as gentiles.  This is very much of an evangelistic psalm.  The Psalmist is not just content with the people of Israel knowing and love YHWH, but he understands the goal is that all the nations, including the nations worshipping idols and foreign gods, would come to know the living Creator God.  The desire is that all the ends of the earth would love Him.  All the ends of the earth, all of the countries, even those who did not worship the same God as the Israelites.  Wow, now that is an expansive faith.  

Hey, unrelated, but the 24 hour prayer vigil sign up sheet is up on the door of the my office.  Sign up!

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