August 1, 2022: Day 162 – Jeremiah 13-17

I can’t help but feel a bit depressed as we make our way through Jeremiah.  He continues his consistent message of laying out the deception and the infidelity of Judah all the while promising that the day will come when the people will be either destroyed or carried off to the North to a foreign land.  Throughout these chapters we read Jeremiah prophesying against the people of God.

We do find a bit of a caveat in chapter 17 where Jeremiah is now no longer speaking to the people about the destruction to come, but rather starting in vs.14 where he asks God for help and not to be included in that number to whom he is preaching.  He is asking for help to not be destroyed or carried off like everyone else.  It then ends with a reminder about the Sabbath.

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