May 9, 2022: Day 99 – Matthew 20-25

We find in these chapters in Matthew many of the parables dealing with the coming of the kingdom of God and the need for each one of us to be ready when that kingdom comes.  Probably my favorite parable in the entire Bible is the one of the workers in the vineyard because it displays a truth that plays itself out consistently in life.  People look at others to gauge whether they are being treated fairly or not, as opposed to looking at how they are actually treated.  We gauge the empirical value of fairness not based upon what we recieve, but rather on what others receive and we compare it.  That is not how God works.  God is unfair, we get what we don’t deserve, thanks be to God!  If we got what we deserved we would all be in trouble.

Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and then enters the temple and clear it out of money changers and those performing business in a house of prayer.  We move on to the greatest commandment which while not taking up a lot of verses, is one that is probably the most important commandment in all of Scripture.  This is the law according to Jesus, love God, and love your neighbor.  It is that simple.  

Jesus then goes off on the religious leaders in a way that is incredibly convicting to anyone who might be a leader in the church even today.  We are reminded in the next chapter to not put your trust in trying to discern whent he end times might be, God chooses and every time that we try to predict we get it wrong.  We then launch into parables of when Jesus comes back again and we are demanded to be ready.  Being ready, according to Matthew 25, entails doing the work of the king.  That work is defined in vs. 35-36.  That should be our purpose here on earth, this is what defines a disciple.  One who does these things.