April 29, 2022: Day 92 – Isaiah 40-43 and Matthew 10-11

Isaiah 40 is one of the more famous chapters in all of Isaiah.  You have the quote that Scripture tells us about John the Baptist where it describes one calling out in the wilderness.  But it doesn’t end there.  You also have the well known verses that end the chapter from vs.28-31 which I use just about every funeral service that I do which describes a God that we serve who gives strength to the powerless.  

Chapter 42 describes the servant of the Lord in one of the many servant songs.  This chapter is meant to prophesy the coming of Jesus who was indeed one who: “will not cry out or raise his voice in the streets…he establishes justice on earth.”  

In the Gospel we find Jesus calling his 12 disciples and sending them out to do his work of healing and driving out demons.  He then speaks about John the Baptist and the role that he played in preparing the way for Jesus to come and be recognized as the Messiah.  

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