February 10, 2020: Day 9 – Numbers 9

There are two  things to watch for in this chapter.  The first still  continues true to this day and that is the institution of the celebration of Passover.  Here we find that a specific month and day was to be used in order to celebrate the Passover.  This year it begins April 8 and it ends April 18.  Remember what the Passover celebrated.  It celebrated the literal passing over of the angel of death as the people of Israel were in captivity in Egypt.  They were spared the angel of death by the blood on their doorposts while the Egyptians lost their first born sons.  It was this tenth and final plague which allowed the Israelites to escape from Egypt, but hurriedly.  

The question arises if I am unclean am I still able to celebrate the Passover?  We know how strict the purity laws are, but Moses  talked  to God and God said absolutely!  You have to celebrate the Passover regardless of your purity status.  It is kind of neat to be able to see something instituted that is still celebrated today.  Remember, the last supper was a Passover meal.  So they all tie together.

The second matter that this chapter deals with is this cloud and fire which guided the tabernacle and the people of Israel.  God made His will be known in regards to when the people  were to move and when they were to camp out and hang out with a cloud and with a fire.  When a cloud was present they would hang out, no matter how long the cloud was there.  When a fire was present then it was time to move.  Wouldn’t you just love to have a cloud and fire directing you to knowing and understanding the will of God?  That would be pretty nice.