Israel During Lent – Day 6

This is from Ursula Rice…

Quote of the day: “super chutzpah”

Even though this phrase was used by our driver, David, at the end of the day as we were trying to get to the unloading zone at our Dead Sea spa, that same spirit guided us through the day. We saw it in the audacity of King Herod, who built his fortress at Masada; in the dedication of the unknown scribes at Qumran, who lived a life of extreme faith and persistence in the desert, leaving us what have come to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls; and I myself dared to climb up to the top of the chain of David’s Waterfalls at the Ein Gedi National Park, and maybe not make it back in a timely manner to the bus. Here are the pictures of the waterfall itself, the wet tunnels I ran, I mean, walked, through to get there, and the view of the valley and the Dead Sea beyond. Enjoy, because I certainly did. Praise God!

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