January 20, 2019: Day 50 – Isaiah 46

Isaiah consistently speaks out against the idols which other nations worship and the fact that they are created by our hands and then worshiped.  How is that possible?  How are we capable to create something which we then turn around and worship?  He goes on in vs.7 to speak about the inanimate nature of these gods that you place them in one place and they are immobile, they cannot come rushing to the rescue like our God does.  Our God is not created or formed but creates and forms, is not placed but places, is not carried from place to place but carries us from one place to another.

If you notice in vs.12 and following you see that it is God himself who brings deliverance.  The salvation of the Lord will not wait around for someone to come to Him and ask for it.  God is the one who is proactive and who moves to save those in need.  What a God we serve.  I seem to be on a roll for songs that bring joy to my heart.  Here is another one.