June 20, 2018: Day 67 – Leviticus 27

This chapter deals exclusively with those things in our lives which we dedicate and devote to the Lord.  I know, I hope all of you are saying that you thought everything that we have and all that we are should be from the get go dedicated to the Lord.  Actually, that is more than correct.  But back in Moses’ day there were specific things that were actually dedicated to the work of the temple and for the well being of the priests, including people.  So they were actually given over to the Lord.  When we say that Jesus is Lord of our lives we mean that he rules that which we do.  Here in this instance the people would actually hand over certain things so that the religious priests would take ownership of it.  Not just metaphorical ownership, but actual ownership.

This chapter begins by explaining that those people who are dedicated to the Lord are worth a certain amount if you wanted to redeem them, if you wanted to get them back from the work of the temple.  If for some reason you gave back a blessing to the temple and you wanted that blessing back, there was a provision for that.  You could pay a certain amount and redeem, or reclaim that person, that animal, that field, or whatever it may be.  But it did come at a cost.  

This brings Leviticus to a close and it takes us to the end of the book and we are going to dive into the prophets now, Ezra will start us off.  Leviticus can get a bit heavy, but not nearly as repetitive as Numbers which we will not be looking at for this study.  On to the prophets.

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