May 25, 2018: Day 41 – Leviticus 1

We find ourselves in the book of Leviticus.  It is pretty much composed entirely of the old Levitical law that were handed down to Moses from the Lord.  The Levites were considered the priestly class so when we talk about Leviticus we are talking primarily about the laws which were kept by that priestly class.  It is a book of the Bible that some struggle to find points of contact with in the 21st century.  So many of the laws that we see mentioned are not laws which we continue to follow.  It also allows for opportunities for people to be challenged and ask the question: well, if I don’t follow the Levitical laws, then why do I see other parts of Scripture as absolutely necessary to follow when I don’t offer sacrifices or eat kosher any longer?

That is a very fair question.  We need to see the consistency of Scripture and try to understand what is required of us when other Scriptures seem to say something else.  For example, we do have a whole assortment of kosher laws and what can be eaten and what should be avoided.  It is quite a strict list.  But then when Peter has his dream in Acts 10:28 we read  that what God has made should not be called or be considered unclean by anyone.  In this case then I see that what God has made is able to be eaten.  We no longer need to follow the dietary laws which were a big deal for so many over a long period of time.

We can and we should be able to glean some really important truths from these Scriptures.  The sacrifice of animals as seen in this first chapter is obviously not something that we do any longer.  But it is important to see that the Lord requires and expects the first fruits of what we have.

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