January 1, 2018: Day 7 – Genesis 7

We find described in Genesis 7 a time when New Year’s Day would have been insignificant.  The faithful Noah, again the one who did all that the Lord commanded, gathers his family and all the animals and they enter the ark which he had created as the rains begin to fall.  If you start and focus from vs.21 and following you almost hear a recap of how God created life: breathed into the nostrils of humans, and reverses that by taking the breath of life from the nostrils of all creatures.  All life was taken, not just humanity, but yes people too, but all the creatures and they are listed individually.  That’s pretty significant.  

We can learn that God never leaves anything to chance, because there is no such thing as chance, and so prepares for when the land will be dry once again and the animals and the humans will be able to take over the earth again.  Once the rains fall for 40 days the waters remain on the earth for 150 days.  That’s a lot of water and Noah and his family were not on a cruise.  I can’t help but think of this song as I read this Scripture.

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